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Program Board

Dr. Ben van Ommen, Head Research TNO, director of TNO systems biology program

Maarten den Braber (NextHealth, expert digital health)

Prof. Wessel Kraaij – Hoogleraar Applied Data Analytics, bestuurslid HHDC

Dr. Gaston Remmers – MD|OG, Platform Patient en Voeding, Holland Health Data Coop

Dr. Jos Bosch, UvA / AMC, psychologist and immunologist

Dr. Sabine Wildevuur, WAAG techology and society

Committee of Recommendation

Dr. Machteld Huber – Institute of Positive Health, physician, member of Dutch Health Council

Prof. Dr. Jaap Seidell – Professor Food and Health (VU), KNAW member

Prof. Aletta Kraneveld – Professor Interdisciplinary Translational Pharmacology,  Utrecht University

Prof. Dr. Hanno Pijl, endocrinologist and professor of Diabetlogy, Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands Institute of Lifestyle Medicine LUMC

Dr. Martijn de Groot – Quantified Self Institute Groningen

Prof. Dr. Gerjan Navis, internist-nefrologist, professor Experimental Nephrology and professorr Nutrition in Healthcare, UMC Groningen

Prof. dr. Frank Miedema, Dean and Vice Chairman of the Board Utrecht Medical Centre, lead Science in Transition network

Prof. dr. Jan Kremer, professor of patient centered innovation, Radboud University, member of the Dutch Council for Public Health and Society (Raad Volksgezondheid en Samenleving), Chairman Quality Council Care Institute

Dr. Herman van Wietmarschen, Louis Bolk institute

Maarten Pekelharing, CEO Winclove probiotics

Michel van Schaik, Director Health care, Rabobank Netherlands

Dr. Stephen Friend, Chairman and Co-Founder Sage Biontworks, President and Founder 4YouandMe (charity), Visiting Professor of Connected Medicine Oxford University

Dr. h.c. Cees Smit, VSOP-EGAN, Platform Patients and Food

Dr. h.c. Peter Kapitein – Founder, Inspire2Live

Drs. EMIA Tjitske Bezema – Founder Immunowell  and CommonResearch

Operational Committee

Gaston Remmers, Mijn Data Onze Gezondheid | 06 – 41 37 41 02

Fatiha Alitou, Mijn Data Onze Gezondheid

Sabine Wildevuur, Waag

Pauline Melis, Waag

Nicole van Leeuwen, Inspire2Live

About MD|OG

Foundation Mijn Data | Onze Gezondheid (My Data Our Health) is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to enable patients and citizens to have total control over their health data, in order to effectively take leadership over his or her own health. MD|OG believes that the value of citizen-driven health data management only becomes tangible when the different aspects related to it are being tested in practice, in collaboration with different stakeholders. We call them Living labs: ecosystems in which new forms of citizen-driven data collection are linked to new ways of data-governance and research. MD|OG develops a number of these Living Labs. To the website of MD|OG

MD|OG is a recognized Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI).