Fees and Registration 2021-12-31T15:17:45+01:00

Fees and Registration



The Beyond RCT symposium is a multistakeholder, community-driven event and is put together by a lots of effort from many sides. Resourceful persons and organisations will cover the cost of those with less means.

  • If you represent an academic, medical, care or governmental institution: € 295
  • If you represent a company: € 750
  • If you represent a very small company (< 5 fte): € 295
  • If you represent a patient organization: € 100
  • If you are citizen or patient: € 25 (limited spaces available)

There are free and discounted spaces available for those individuals and organisations that need it. Please contact the organizers.

If you are company and support the purpose of the conference, please contact us about partnership options.

Your participation becomes only definitive upon payment.